Zekeriya Türkmen

Zekeriya Türkmen

Country Director for France & Artist Manager

Zekeriya Türkmen, an alumnus of Paris Dauphine University with a background in Economics and Management, brings a wealth of experience from the startup ecosystem and customer experience sector to his role as France Country Director and Artist Manager at LocksBridge Artist Management.

A prolific writer, Zekeriya has published various articles exploring the evolution of music. His passion for the art form extends beyond the written word, as he plays the flute in several orchestras and served as the assistant conductor for Do’s Musical Comedy Club at Paris Dauphine University.

Zekeriya’s journey in organizational management began at the young age of 16. He has spearheaded numerous projects, demonstrating a keen interest and expertise in cultural management, marketing, strategy, control management, and customer experience.

His diverse passions include oenology, baroque music, coffee, and entrepreneurship, all of which enrich his approach to his role at LocksBridge. As the France Country Director, he is tasked with expanding the company’s activities in France and fostering relationships with international partners, leveraging his extensive experience and unique insights.

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