Zekeriya Türkmen

Zekeriya Türkmen

France Director & Managing Partner

Having finished his high school education in Istanbul, he moved to France in order to start his studies in Economics and Management at Paris Dauphine University. Zekeriya joined LocksBridge as France representative and artist manager after numerous experiences in the startup ecosystem and in the customer experience sector both in Turkey and in France.

Zekeriya published various articles about the musical evolution in Turkey and nourished his passion for music as playing flute in Bosphorus Philharmonic Orchestra in Istanbul and taking part in Do’s Musical Comedy Club at Paris Dauphine University as the assistant conductor.

He has many experiences in organizational management starting at the age of 16. He has led numerous projects with over 10000€ budget, and is interested in areas such as cultural management, marketing and strategy, control management and customer experience.

Additionally, Zekeriya is passionate about oenology, baroque music, coffee and entrepreneurship.

As LocksBridge’s France Representative, Zekeriya is responsible for developing activities in France as well as maintaining relations with international partners.

Artists managed by Zekeriya

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