May 25th, 2021

LocksBridge Becomes Member of IAMA!

LocksBridge Becomes Member of IAMA!

LocksBridge Becomes Member of IAMA!

We are pleased to announce that LocksBridge has become the first member of the IAMA (The International Artist Managers’ Association) as an artist management company from Turkey!

Based in London, UK; the International Artist Managers’ Association (IAMA) is the only worldwide association for classical music artist managers and concert agents. The Association was founded as the British Association of Concert Agents in 1954 until January 1996 when, due to its international membership list, it officially changed its status to an international association with membership open to any professional artist management company and to those associated with the classical music world.

IAMA acts as a lobbying body within member territories as well as facilitating information exchange within its network of members.

LocksBridge Artist Management is proud to have facilitated the recent tour of the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra in Turkey. The Orchestra gave…

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