Ulaş Deniz Tümkaya

International Touring Director

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in History from Boğaziçi University (Bosphorus University) of Istanbul, Ulaş joined LocksBridge Artist Management as international touring director.

His undergraduate studies were mainly on classical art and history, Greco-roman societies, the Late-antique and early-Byzantine periods, and the history of his native city of Antakya (Antiochia ad Orontem). His wide range of interests also includes European Renaissance, Middle East societies and history, philosophy, and classical literature. He was one of the highest-scoring students in the national university exam in Turkey.

Before his career with LocksBridge, Ulaş took part in some non-governmental organizations and translated books on world history. He likes writing and updates his blog regularly with his articles on a wide range of topics and translations from ancient languages.

Ulaş believes in aesthetics. Everything related to aesthetics and beauty appeals to him. A good piece of music, literature, painting, or anything beautiful, they are what he always seeks after. Learning is among the things that delight him the most. Hence, he knows several languages, both modern and antique, including French, German, Ancient Greek, and Latin. He is also a passionate book collector, and the second thing that he believes in is books and libraries.

As the international touring director of LocksBridge, Ulaş’s aim is to develop new international collaborations and to maintain them.

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If you want to get informed what we do next, sign up to our email newsletter!

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