Onur Tahmaz

Onur Tahmaz

Managing Partner & Artist Manager

Onur is a dynamic entrepreneur, artist manager, and marketing professional with an unwavering passion for classical music. Since 2019, he has been the managing partner and artist manager of LocksBridge Artist Management, a cultural startup in the classical music industry that strives to be the “international classical artist management agency of the 21st century.” The company has offices located in Istanbul and Paris.

A graduate of Bosphorus University, Onur holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, specializing in cutting-edge areas such as neuromarketing, public finance, tax systems, organizational behavior, and data-driven decision-making. This diverse expertise has given him a unique perspective on the music industry and enabled him to develop innovative strategies for promoting and managing artists.

Apart from his achievements as a manager, Onur is an amateur violinist and conductor. This experience as a performer gives him a deep understanding of the artistic process, which informs his approach to artist management.

As managing partner and artist manager, Onur drives the artistic vision of LocksBridge Artist Management. He manages international tours, expands the company’s roster of talented artists, and builds a global network of industry connections, all with the aim of achieving the company’s goal of becoming the leading “international classical artist management agency of the 21st century.”

Artists managed by Onur

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