Duygu Esenkar

Duygu Esenkar

Managing Partner & Artist Manager

Duygu Esenkar, Managing Partner and Artist Manager, brings a unique blend of business acumen and artistic insight to her role at LocksBridge Artist Management. With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bosphorus University, she pairs her academic prowess with her practical experience to represent a select portfolio of globally renowned artists and orchestras.

Her expertise in the classical music industry spans 19th-century music, music theory, and the interplay between music and visual arts. A co-founder of the Bosphorus Philharmonic Orchestra, Duygu has been instrumental in its growth, focusing on fundraising, sponsorships, and event management.

Duygu’s multidisciplinary talents extend to film and documentary production, where she has also taken on several roles. Her work in these areas demonstrates a commitment to exploring and promoting classical music through various mediums.

In her current role, Duygu excels in project management for business development and international project management, offering consulting services to artists and presenters worldwide. Her involvement in organizing concert tours with prestigious orchestras underscores her ability to manage complex projects successfully.

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