Misty Songs

Puslu Şarkılar (Misty Songs)

Puslu Şarkılar is a project developed by Composer Eray Altınbüken. Its purpose is building a new form of music, founded upon songs, that stands between various genres while carrying traces from all. The project also aims to revive the composing methods belonging to 20th Century avant-garde music.

The pieces are written in Turkish and composed for a chamber ensemble (12 instruments) and a soprano soloist; reminding us of the chamber opera and cabaret styles in terms of instrumentalization. The song forms, textures and rhythms that are familiar from popular music are used during the composition stage. All the familiarities in the works stem from the harmonic approach of the composer originating from techniques such as twelve-tone, free chromaticism and minimalism of the 20th Century avant-garde music. Hence, a hybrid and unprecedented sound is achieved by the impacts of musicals, cabarets, electro-pop, hard rock and progressive rock altogether.

Thematic Content & Theme:

The nine songs in Puslu Şarkılar Project are built upon three main themes: the self, the people and the world.

Each theme has three songs and equal duration. Thus, the self settling up with its life as the main philosophy is applied step by step throughout the themes. First, the settlement begins with the self’s inner world. Afterwards, it expands to the people around the self. Finally, it ends with the society.

How It Is Composed

Puslu Şarkılar Project has developed during composer Eray Altınbüken’s doctoral studies in Istanbul Technical University Dr. Erol Üçer Centre for Advanced Studies in Music.

In the formation stage of the project, a wide spectrum of the pop and rock pieces were analyzed as well as rhythmic patterns and textures in the pieces were modelled. Then, the models were adapted for a chamber ensemble in classical form. In the process of harmonization, Composer Altınbüken used a variety of techniques such as free atonality, twelve-tone and bitonality.

These techniques are used in the composing process without any damage to the clarity of lyrics of the songs while paying attention to prosody.

A New Position in the middle of Classical Western Music and Pop Music:

Prior to WWII, German composers such as Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler introduced outstanding works in popular styles of those times –such as cabaret music, musical songs– emphasizing their unique characteristics to build new harmonic applications. Die Dreigroschenoper is one of the most successful results of this approach. Today, such an attitude might be accomplished by the combination of the popular styles of the present.

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If you want to get informed what we do next, sign up to our email newsletter!

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