August 22nd, 2021

Introducing the Sunday Classics

Introducing the Sunday Classics

Introducing the Sunday Classics Series by Gain Medya and LocksBridge Artist Management

LocksBridge Artist Management is proud to announce our joint project with Gain Medya: the Sunday Classics Series. This weekly video series is broadcast on the on-demand video platform Gain TV and showcases young, talented classical music artists alongside the master artists who inspire them.

The Sunday Classics Series aims to promote classical music to wider audiences and bring together both established and upcoming artists from different parts of the world. We believe that through this program, we can build a bridge between different cultures and create new opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents.

Each episode of the Sunday Classics Series features one young artist and one master artist who have had a significant impact on the development of classical music. The young artist performs a piece inspired by the master artist, and the master artist also performs a piece, offering insights and sharing their experiences with the audience.

The series has been well-received by the classical music community, and we are excited to continue bringing new artists and pieces to our viewers. Our goal is to inspire and encourage classical music lovers, as well as those who may not be familiar with the genre, to appreciate the beauty and depth of classical music.

Excerpts from the 1st episode with young pianist Ilyun Bürkev:

Excerpts from the 3rd episode with cellists Nil Kocamangil and Umut Sağlam:

Concerto Performances By Soyoung Yoon

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Concerto Performances By Soyoung Yoon

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