Gökhan Aybulus

Technical perfection is only the beginning with Gökhan Aybulus's performance.
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Gökhan Aybulus | Piano

Pianist Gökhan Aybulus, possessing innate creativity and musicality, manages to impress his audience with his virtuosic performances and poetic imagination.

Mr. Aybulus has studied at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory; in Professor Naum Shtarkman’s class and graduated with a doctorate degree in the same school. Endowed with a rare combination of unique talent, delicate interpretation skills and intellectual curiosity; Mr. Aybulus has spread his reputation as one of the most exceptional pianists of our time.

Having received countless awards in many national and international competitions, Gökhan Aybulus has worked with many renowned artists such as Mikhail Voskresensky, Andrey Pisarev and Nina Kogan; who were considered the best in their fields during his time in Russia.

Mr. Aybulus has performed in many countries such as the USA, Austria, Germany and China, as well as at numerous international festivals such as Carniola Festival in Slovenia and International Bruckner Festival in Austria. Furthermore, he toured as the soloist with the Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra in China, including Beijing. Unsurprisingly, he has performed in some of the world’s leading concert halls such as Theater und Philharmonie Essen, Wiener Konzerthaus, Shenzhen Concert Hall and Konzerthaus Berlin.

Frequently reported on by the national and international press, Mr. Aybulus continues to draw attention of audiences throughout the world with his breathtaking virtuosity and rare tendency to perform Rachmaninoff’s music. Besides, he always impresses his audience deeply through providing them the same excitement in every one of his concerts. Being also a passionate chamber music player; Gökhan Aybulus offers an unforgettable journey to his listeners while performing his wide and exquisite repertoire thanks to his exclusive equilibrium between perfection and musicality as well as his subtle; yet firm technique.

Gökhan Aybulus, having performed with eminent artists such as Naum Shtarkman, Nikolay Lugansky, Dora Schwarzberg and Natalia Gutman, is currently pursuing his academic career as an Associate Professor at Anadolu University.

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