The lyre, harp and wind instruments used in Anatolian music thousands of years ago come together once again with Arpanatolia.
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Arpanatolia, founded by Turkish musicians Çağatay Akyol and Ferhat Erdem; has a completely different mission with its cultural synthesis while bringing together instruments such as sipsi, cura, ney, kaval, authentic percussion and harp, which are shaped by the history of Anatolia.

Thousands of years ago, the lyre, harp and wind instruments, which were used extensively in the music made in Anatolian lands, have survived to this day with their renewed structures and colors in later ages, and have developed and changed in the historical process, but music has never lost its importance and value in culture.

Now, Arpanatolia and these instruments come together for the first time to form a novel and unique synthesis. They are progressing successfully on this road which they set out to share the Anatolian voices with the whole world. They’re playing with international audiences in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada, Hungary, China and Turkey.

Arpanatolia, bringing together the competent names of its fields, the extraordinary harmony and collaboration of harpist Çağatay Akyol; sipsi, cura, ney and kaval artist Ferhat Erdem and percussion artist Cemal Özkızıltaş is the only one of its kind in the world!

Çağatay Akyol, harp

Ferhat Erdem, sipsi, cura, ney, kaval

Cemal Özkızıltaş, authentic percussion

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