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Artist Management

LocksBridge Artists is an international artist management agency. Our managers are the brightest, smartest, most equipped and newcomers in the industry. Managing artists, young talents, chamber music groups and orchestras from today's legends to tomorrow's stars; We manage the tour and develop unique projects. Although our head office is in Istanbul, we have business partners in the USA, Germany, Russia, Qatar, New Zealand, France, BENELUX countries and the UK. We construct a different management approach for each of our artists; While raising their career goals, we provide them with the best consultancy with an analytical, dynamic and creative perspective. Artists within LB Artists share the advantages of our worldwide network, ranging from the world's leading orchestras and concert halls to international festivals, as well as exclusive access to our PR & Marketing services.


Video shooting for classical music concerts is often famous for distracting attention. This frustration generally occurs when entries are missed or the camera is shaky. For example, the problems arise from directors who have little or no experience in classical music or who are not allowed enough rehearsal time due to budget constraints. Although many video agencies serving in this field have many years of professional experience, working with a symphony orchestra is the main thing to pay attention to. LocksBridge team that specializes in classical music, understands and analyzes every aspect of the performance, from note to stage. Understanding that projects and budgets differ, we prepare a package within your budget range.


Artistic activities must constantly evolve into the new and different with changing conditions in order to keep up with the moving world. We stand by you in our strong, dynamic, smart and efficient business plans that will help you achieve your goals and long-term, sustainable growth. We also provide consultancy for your organizational structure, guaranteeing that the organizational structure we recommend for you will work flawlessly. If you need a new leader to redraw the boundaries of your organization and take it to the next step, we can help you choose the talent that best suits your organization thanks to our exclusive worldwide network in the cultural industry.

Website Development

The web is a busy place. Our job is to help you define what makes you unique, and build you a thoughtfully crafted digital presence that reflects it. Our designers will collaborate with you to get to know you and your brand story. This is where we hone in on what makes your brand special. We’ll establish a visual direction for your website that best captures your brand. We’ll work with you to define exactly what you need from your website, since each website is different and needs a different foundation. Once we've established the content architecture and wireframes, we'll get started on designing up the home page. During the design phase, our designers will be crafting up a detailed aesthetic that considers your brand story from each button and interaction, to the colors, typography and image style. This might include the creation of custom illustrative assets, iconography, hand-crafted elements and art directed photography — it all depends on what's the right medium for your business. Each of our designs is always considered on mobile and desktop so your customers find it effortless to navigate your website. When you're stoked as fire with the way your new website's good looks, we'll hand over to our developer who will bring it all to life.

Social Media Management

LocksBridge is here for your digital marketing needs such as taking your social media presence to the next level, writing editorial content for you, launching a digital ad campaign, creating videos and photos that improve your social media! Our dynamic strategy is focused on growth as well as our main goal is to create collateral to market your company's products or services, to increase brand awareness. We work to maximize your earnings with our wide range of services, especially advertising campaigns and management, analytical reporting. Our support plan is perfect for companies that need focused expertise for a project or ongoing marketing efforts.

Marketing & PR

LocksBridge is also a marketing agency that works with high profile institutions and organizations to increase their marketing activities. We develop concrete strategies for our goal and provide result-oriented services. Whether the target is supporting social media to create a wider audience or to implement an advertising campaign to get more interaction from your followers, LocksBridge implements an advertising campaign on your side with marketing packages tailored to your specific goals. With its combination of analytical knowledge and creativity, LocksBridge provides fully integrated marketing strategies.
Among the services offered by LocksBridge; audience development, one-off projects, long-term profiling and reputation management. After carrying out successful PR campaigns for our own artists, we now offer global PR services to other professional musicians, communities or arts organizations.

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